How did I find Weddingbee?
Wayyyyyyy back in 2008, MOH K introduced me to this wedding site, a collection of blogs from real brides all over the country documenting their wedding planning.  She was just dating her future-husband and I had only known Mr. Jet a few short months - so our wedding dreams seemed REALLY distant, but we read to get ideas for "someday".  ;)  Someday came for MOH K in 2010 and in 2013 for me.  (I still have old posts saved to my blog roll from Mrs. Cupcake....oy! Did I really just admit that?)

My application Story:
While WB had been an interest of mine on and off for several years, I didn't ever really think about applying myself!  I have been a writer in some form or another since high school (omg, anyone remember Diaryland??), but hadn't really been documenting my wedding planning from the outset.  When I read the post calling for brides getting married through October 2013, I thought to myself, "what do I have to lose?  If it doesn't happen, at least I'll have done it for myself".  I started casually mocking up some posts back in February, but didn't post anything "live" until a few weeks before my birthday this past May.

I sent my application in with fingers crossed and expecting a long wait while they reviewed it.  I kept posting almost every day so the team could see my posting pattern and really get a feel for my voice and there it was, nine days later, an acceptance letter in my inbox from Mrs. Mouse!  I threw the covers off and screamed at Mr. Jet, "I'M IN...THEY WANT ME...MISS JET SETTER...WOOO!!"  Needless to say, it was the best birthday gift I've ever received!

Why Blog?
I have the worst memory.  Honestly, I'm one of those "It's on the tip of my tongue, I swear!" people who has to seriously focus to remember what I ate for breakfast sometimes.  I wanted a way to look back and remember how this process was for me.  I wanted to see photos, and "hear" myself as I was in the few months leading up to becoming a Mrs.  This blog will be an invaluable part of my life, and something I can share with the people I love and all of you whom I've never even met!

Why Miss Jet Setter?
I work for a national-brand handbag manufacturer and we have vendors all over the world.  Lucky me, I get to travel to meet with and assess a lot of our suppliers - my passport has gotten a workout over the past three years!  I also LOVE travel!  Home has always been and will always be where I land, but there's something about the night before a trip somewhere new that gets me all giddy inside - like the night before the first day of school!

On being a Weddingbee blogger: 
Blogging for the 'bee and for myself has been a wonderful creative outlet for me.  Since I don't have the chance to be creative in my day job, I have to make sure I find my outlet in other ways.  I was in a bit of a creative "rut" so to speak, and this blog has really brought me out of it.  It's a wonderful tool to connect with people all over the world who share my interests and others who bring new opinions and outlooks to my life as well.  

It's been a tremendous resource for me in my planning, and has forced me to think outside the box and make my dream wedding a soon-to-be reality.

My suggestion to any of those looking to apply - be yourself, and only yourself.  While imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery - variety is most definitely the spice of life, so let your individuality shine through in your writing.  Really just enjoy the ride!

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